Fabrication & Maintenance

Forged carbon steel


Thanks to a process of heat treatment and rapid cooling (quenching), the blade acquires great hardness and durability. Each of our blades are handcrafted with the utmost care.


If you cut acidic foods, onions, lemon, lime, etc., your blade will develop a patina (blackened blade) this is normal because it is the steel that protects itself against the acidity of foods and oxidation. Carbon steel is much more efficient and durable than stainless steel, however, it is imperative to dry the knife well after each use.



 Hand wash with a sponge (to avoid damaging the patina)

Dry well after use.

Never cut bones or frozen products.

Always cut on a wooden or plastic board and do not scrape with the cutting edge.

Hand sharpen on a 1200 grit or larger stone. Sharpen with a ceramic rod.

Apply oil to the handle and blade when you have time. (mineral oil, vegetable/canola oil etc...)


Sharpen or hone?

 It depends on how worn your knife is, whether it has lost its sharpness due to frequent use or whether it is actually dull. Knives that have lost their sharpness are sharpened with the ceramic rod. For dull knives, a whetstone should be used.